Tracker mobile app

Turn your phone into traveller's favourite GPS tracker.
As it is not necessary to buy special GPS tracker you may spend saved money along the way. Apart from tracking, our mobile app implements a couple of useful features:
  • explore Offline tracking

    The route will be well mapped even in wilderness

    While tracking is enabled and your device is out of GSM network range your position is saved in device memory.When device connects to the Internet it will automatically send stored positions to the server.
  • timer Tracing timer

    Automatically enabled tracking

    You can set exact time when the tracker starts to trace. This way you will never leave with disabled tracker.
  • location_off Break in tracing

    Tracing will continue automatically

    With one tap you can pause tracing. Tracker will continue its work when you return to the place where your break started.
  • send Send private route link

    No need to log in to the website

    If you meet someone interesting and you want to share the trace of your adventure, the mobile app will help you do it easily.
  • directions_bike Starting and ending the route

    No need to log in to the website

    This feature allows users to begin or terminate route directly from mobile app.


If you have your own tracker device, you may be able to use it with AdvTrace.
Contact us to check compatibility with our system.
If you are heading towards area without celular network coverage, you can use satellite network tracker.
Contact us for details.

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