AdvTrace - Terms of service

Terms and Conditions set clear rules how to use AdvTrace service.

§ 1 - Definitions
  1. Traveller - followed user
  2. Follower - user who can read information shared by another user
  3. User - traveller or follower
  4. Tracker - application for mobile devices which determines and sends a current geographical position to AdvTrace server. Tracker is an application for mobile devices which meet the technical requirements as described in Terms of Service. Any user device can also be used as Tracker after consulting AdvTrace if it meets additional technical requirements.
  5. Server - An Internet application that a tracker connects to in order to perform its functions
  6. Website - AdvTrace website which can be accessed with browser. It contains information concerning the application and tools that are available for logged-in users
§ 2 - Service description
  1. The purpose of AdvTrace service is to enable the traveler to share with the follower their current geographical position or to let them view the route they are on as they travel.
  2. The tracker is the tool to determine the current position of the traveller.
  3. The Follower can see how the traveller changes location by using tools available on the Website:
    • Private link - link emailed to Follower by Traveller. The Follower is able to see current location of the traveller and travel history. You can publish up to 10 private links.
    • Facebook integration - you can share your routes and visited places on your facebook wall. By associating a Facebook account with an AdvTrace account, a page tab containing a preview of current location can be added to a Facebook profile administered by Traveller. This method of publication allows access to current traveller location to a broad audience. You can publish up to 10 Facebook page tabs.
    • Embedded map - This is an option for travellers having their own websites. The website generates a code that should be placed on the target site.This way, the current location of the traveller can be published on any web page.This method of publication allows access to current traveller location to a broad audience. You can publish up to 10 embedded maps.
  4. Traveler can create adventure that takes up to 75 days, including all stages.
§ 3 - Hardware requirements
  1. In order to use a tracker a traveller must have a device with Android (at least version 4.0.3) or iOS system (at least version 7.0).
  2. Tracker is available on Google Play and App Store. To download it you must have an account in one of these services.
  3. Additionally, the tracker must be installed on a device with positioning mechanism (e.g. GPS) and which can regularly access the Internet.
  4. Sending geolocation requires accessing the Internet on cyclical basis in short time periods. The Tracker is able to gather geolocation and send it to server after gaining access. For better results for the follower geolocation should be sent on a current basis.
  5. The Traveller must have access to the website where posts and routes can be managed after logging in.
  6. The Follower must have access to the website to be able to see the geolocation of the Traveller.
  7. The Website can be viewed by using one of the common browsers, though Opera, FireFox and Chrom are recommended.
§ 4 - Payment for the service
  1. The tracker application for mobile devices is free.
  2. The website that allows followers to track a traveler's location is free.
  3. Services that send locations to the server and share locations and routes to viewers are paid. The table below shows various subscription plans.
      Safety Show-off Adventure
    Publish map as private link
    Publish map on Facebook
    Publish map on your website
  4. The price list is located in the tracer application (Subscriptions menu). The exact price depends on the country and operating system of the device on which the tracker is installed.
  5. Subscriptions are paid through Google Play or App Store.
  6. In addition to paying for subscription, a traveller and follower may be subject to Internet data charges at Internet connection provider rate. AdvTrace subscription does not cover these costs.
§ 5 - Data durability
  1. The location data collected in the AdvTrace system is held until the subscription has expired but no longer than 3 months. This particularly applies to routes.
§ 6 - Exclusion of Liability
  1. AdvTrace is not liable for any moral or material damage that may result from publishing a traveler's location. A traveler publishes his or her position at his / her own responsibility.
  2. AdvTrace is not responsible for the effects of non-functioning or incorrectly functioning geolocation in the device used by the user.
  3. AdvTrace is not responsible for the lack of Internet connection on user's device.
§ 7 - Final Provisions
  1. A user registering on the AdvTrace system or using it without registration shall accept the terms of this Terms of Service.
  2. The rights and obligations of users are defined exclusively in these terms and conditions.

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